The presence and witness of vowed religious in the Diocese of Camden is essential to the faith-life and mission of the Church.  As a Diocese, we welcome each religious and extend our deep respect and appreciation for the gift of her consecrated life, the charism of her congregation, and her ministry among us.

The term ‘religious’ or ‘vowed religious’ is understood to refer to the members of religious congregations of women officially recognized by the church. Currently 25 congregations of vowed women religious have members represented in the Diocese.

There are currently 250 women religious living and/or serving in the Diocese of Camden.  Through their ministries they serve as nurses, evangelizers, catechists, educators, pastoral assistants, counselors, Religious Community administrators, spiritual directors, liturgists/musicians, canon lawyers, educational supervisors/diocesan administrators, auxiliary personnel, consultants, psychologists, therapists, hospital administrators, and chaplains, parish faith formation coordinators and above all, provide a powerful support through the prayers of retired sisters.