Parish resources for talking about Clergy Sex Abuse

There are many victims of the Clergy Sex Abuse crisis. Certainly, we pray for the direct victims and survivors, and their families, first and foremost. However, we understand that all Catholics suffer because of this scandal. Anger, disillusionment and distrust are natural responses by the faithful who feel letdown by both the actions of the accused and the failings of Church leadership to protect the victims and foster recovery through transparency.

Likewise, priests and religious in good standing also feel this pain. They must shoulder the burden of a vocation made in good faith, but tarnished by those who acted as wolves and not shepherds.

With these needs in mind, we have brought together various resources from around the Catholic world to help those in need of support because of the clergy sex abuse scandal. For as much as the original victimization is a heinous crime, it is made even more painful if it results in the faithful pulling away from God because of it.

The articles and videos below are a sampling of resources for you to consider:

(Note: this information is provided as options solely for responding to the clergy sex abuse crisis. Providing this information does not necessarily endorse the website, its content, or sponsoring organizations.)


Prayerful Responses to the clergy sex abuse crisis

 Novena for the Abuse Crisis | Accountability, Transparency and Healing
 A Rosary for Healing and Protection
 Go to your parish’s or a nearby parish’s holy hour to pray for survivors of abuse and the renewal of the Church
 Dedicate a day to prayer and fasting and ask your communities to join you.
 Pray a novena for healing and reparation or ask to host one at your parish – Novena for the Abuse Crisis
 Pray the Rosary, specifically either the Rosary for Healing or praying the Sorrowful Mysteries or Chaplet of Divine Mercy before Mass
 Go to your parish’s or a nearby parish’s listening session and evening of prayer.
 Pray for Healing for Survivors of Abuse with this dedicated prayer – Bilingual card
 Simple Prayer (I) from the Pontifical Council for the Protection of Minors
 Simple Prayer (II) from the Pontifical Council for the Protection of Minors
 Prayer for Healing Victims of Abuse United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
 A Novena of Saints for a Church in Crisis Meg Hunter-Kilmer,


Liturgical resources for parishes

 Federation of Diocesan Liturgical Commissions Liturgies and Prayers
 General Intercession for Sunday Masses: “For young people and our most vulnerable that they remain safe and protected, and for those survivors of abuse whether by power or violence, especially by the clergy who have not lived up to their call to holiness. Let us pray to the Lord.”


Resources for priests and parish staff to understand sexual abuse

 Reflection on Scriptural Sources for Renewal by Bishop Robert Barron
 Responding to the Abuse Crisis as Committed Disciples by Sr. Sara Butler
 Theological Lessons of the Abuse Crisis by Sr. Mary Timothy Prokes.
 Reflections for Evangelizers In These Difficult Days For Our Church by Fr. Frank DeSiano, CSP


Talking with children and teens

 Courageous Conversations to Have About the Clergy Sexual Abuse Crisis ; Dr. Dobie Moser and Dr. Sean Reynolds (Mustard Seed
Consultants) to assist in processing the crisis with small groups.
 Having Critical Conversations on the Church Sexual Abuse Crisis ; a Facebook Live recording with Dr. Dobie Moser and Roy Petitfils.
 Talking To Young People About the Scandals in the Catholic Church ; Roy Petitfils, LPC offers tips for parents, teachers and ministers on
 How to discuss the recent scandals in the Catholic Church with young people, Video
 Defend Innocence ; Age appropriate information to share with children & teens
 The Clerical Sex Abuse Scandal: What Parents Can Do & How to Talk to Your Kids ; Jerry Windley-Daoust, Peanut Butter and Grace
 Addressing Clergy Sexual Abuse and Cover Up ; Lily Hannan, Life Teen