Your love for each other and your desire to share your lives together is a sign of God’s presence in your life, and a call to the vocation of marriage. At your wedding you make a solemn, life-long promise, a covenant with each other and with God, witnessed by God’s people, your friends and relatives. It is the Church’s Sacrament. The wedding liturgy, therefore, should be carefully prepared to celebrate your love and the Sacrament of Marriage.

Remember that the Church, your family and friends, witness your solemn promise in a special, holy place – your parish church. Welcome the assistance of the Church – your clergy, pastoral minister, and musician to guide you in the selection of appropriate readings from scripture, liturgical environment, and ritual music.

The Church loves you, and asks that you have a high regard for the Sacrament of Marriage and the celebration of your wedding liturgy. Consider your choices of texts and music in the light of the Church’s guidelines. As you follow these guidelines, you will help express your faith and enhance your wedding celebration as an act of worship.