One does not pay for an annulment.  The fees listed below are not payment for an annulment which, according to Canon Law, will be judged solely on the basis of canonical grounds and sufficient proof from witnesses.  These non-refundable fees are only to assist in covering the procedural cost which is incurred regardless of the outcome of the case. The Petitioner is expected to defray some of the cost which is incurred at the Petitioner’s request and for the Petitioner’s benefit.

There are several types of cases.

Formal Cases

$100 Filing fee
$400 Investigation fee (due at the time of the interview)
$300 Decision fee (due before being placed on the docket)
$800 Total

Should a psychological evaluation be required, there is an additional fee which is set by the psychologist.


There is no fee for the normal ratification process by the Paterson Tribunal.

$850 for cases appealed to the Roman Rota
$200 preparation fee for cases appealed to the Roman Rota

Appeals fees are paid by the party appealing the decision.

  • Favor of the Faith Cases – $800
  • Documentary Cases – $400
  • Lack of Form Cases – $10

Fees are re-determined if the status of a case should change after the case has been submitted.

While money is not the determining factor for a Church dissolution or annulment, the process does entail expenses.  These fees cover only a portion of those expenses, the balance of which is covered by the diocese.  No one has ever been denied any of the services of the Tribunal because of an inability to meet the financial obligation.  Bring any financial difficulties to the attention of the Tribunal.