Stewardship is a Vatican II teaching on the role of the Laity in the evolving Church of the 21st Century. The people of God are His co-workers sharing in his creative, redemptive and sanctifying work. By recognizing that their gifts and giftedness come from God, they are invited to give their time, talent and treasure back in such a way as to be blessed for their goodness.

Services Offered

Stewardship Committee Start-ups and Tune-ups

  1. Parish Council Training
  2. Stewardship Committee Training
  3. Annual Renewal Commitment Weekend – Materials
  4. Witness Speaker Training Aids

Spirituality of Stewardship (Henri Nouwen)

  1. “The Spirituality of Fund-Raising” – PowerPoint® Presentations
  2. Books and Materials

Living your Strengths (Spiritual Gifts)

  1. PowerPoint® Presentations
  2. Books and Materials
  3. Small Group Leaders training
  4. Strengths Explorer – Ages 10-14

Stewardship of Treasure (Electronic Giving)

  1. PowerPoint® Presentations
  2. Start-up Materials
  3. Diocese of Camden Parish Experiences

Stewardship Parish Support

  1. Weekly Bulletin Announcements (Stewardship Scripture Reflections)
  2. Monthly Star Herald Stewardship Stories
  3. Annual Stewardship Conferences