Statement from Bishop Sullivan regarding Church bombings in Sri Lanka

For us Catholics Easter Sunday has begun joyously, as we celebrated the Risen Christ at Masses in our parish churches throughout South Jersey. Unfortunately, half a world away, in Sri Lanka hundreds of our sisters and brothers in the faith celebrating Easter in their parish churches have been killed, and others were victims in a series of bombings targeting hotels.

My heart breaks for these good people who have been physically, emotionally and. spiritually affected by these bombings.

As a Catholic community, let us pray for those who have perished and for those who mourn them who must now come to grips with this heinous act – an act that is in total opposition to the message of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. Always remember, evil like this will never diminish the light our Savior’s resurrection brought into the world. The Risen Lord beat back sin and death and so can we His followers.

Let us work and pray for peace in the face of violence and for an end to hatred in all it’s ugly expressions.

Most Reverend Dennis J. Sullivan, D.D.
Bishop of Camden