Protect Religious Freedom in New Jersey

The New Jersey Catholic Conference is encouraging local Catholics to help protect religious freedom by voicing their opposition to legislation before the New Jersey Senate on Thursday, Jan. 9.

If passed, the proposed legislation would eliminate the long-standing exemption in the current state law that protects religious employers from having to provide health insurance coverage for certain medications, devices, and procedures which contradict elements of our faith — including abortion inducing drugs and sterilizations.

The threat to religious liberty the NJCC is concerned about is included in S3804/A5508. The proposed legislation that would create a New Jersey version of the federal Affordable Care and Patient Protection Act of 2010. The legislation passed the New Jersey General Assembly in June 2019.

“If signed into law, S3804/A5508 would impact the ability of Catholic dioceses, Catholic schools, and Catholic Charities Agencies to offer employees comprehensive health benefits without violating fundamental Catholic principles,” the NJCC said in a statement.

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