The Committee on World Missions is charged with the oversight of the Catholic U.S. overseas mission effort, based on the 1986 U.S. Bishops’ pastoral statement.

The Committee works closely with the Pontifical Mission Societies, the mission-sending societies of men and women religious, organizations of lay missioners, and other organizations promoting the mission ad gentes, encouraging, supporting, and fostering mission animation, education, and cooperation in the United States.

One of the main purposes of the mission office is Mission Education. The mission office continues to seek ways to educate the people of the Diocese through programs such as:

Holy Childhood Association:

Established 158 years ago as a Pontifical Society of “children helping children.” In conjunction with the Holy Childhood Association the mission office offers a mission awareness program to all of the Catholic Elementary Schools and Religious Education Programs.

Propagation of the Faith:

Established as a Pontifical Mission Society dedicated to promoting mission education in local parishes and seeks funding for more than 1050 Mission Diocese throughout the world.