Catholic schools frequently asked questions

How can I find a Catholic school near me?

Visit our directory listing, where you will find a school and parish locator. All schools can be located by town or location. You may also go to our Catholic schools listing with a link to each school’s website and contact information or feel free to call the Office of Catholic Schools at 856-583-6103 or your local parish for assistance.

Can I send my child to any Catholic school or is there a particular school designated for our parish?

Most families choose a school affiliated with their parish, but you are free to choose any school within the diocese.

What if we are not Catholic? Can we enroll in a Catholic school?

South Jersey Catholic Schools welcome students of all beliefs who seek a Catholic school experience.

Does the curriculum in diocesan schools meet the state requirements for New Jersey?

Our schools meet and exceed state and national requirements. Rigorous curriculum guidelines established by the Diocese of Camden Office of Catholic Schools build on the strong academic tradition of Catholic schools, incorporate national and state curriculum standards, and allow us to bring the Gospel message of Jesus into all facets of learning.

Is the curriculum the same in all schools?

All of our schools follow the same guidelines, but the schools have flexibility when it comes to course offerings, instructional approaches and tools (such as textbooks, technology applications, lab equipment and materials), electives, and out-of-classroom experiences. Our schools offer a wide range of courses that allow students to develop a faith-based world view, explore potential careers, build critical thinking skills and find joy in learning.

How do Catholic school students prepare for and receive sacraments?

Sacramental preparation is an important part of parish life that is supported by the religion curriculum taught in our Catholic schools. For example, second grade students in Catholic elementary schools prepare for and learn about the sacraments of reconciliation and Eucharist as part of the curriculum, and they experience those sacraments out of school within their parish communities.

Can my child take a bus to school?

Busing is available for many students who attend our high schools and most of our elementary schools. Whether you are eligible depends on where you live and the school you attend. School principals and administrative staff can provide you with specific information about bus transportation.

Can my child(ren) transfer into a Catholic school after the start of a school year?

Our schools welcome mid-year transfers, provided space is available.

Are before- and after-school care services available?

Most of our schools provide before and after-school care services, and many schools offer early drop-off options as well. Schedules and fees are determined by individual schools.

Can a Catholic school meet the needs of children with learning differences?

Our teachers follow the rich tradition of Catholic educators in differentiating instruction to meet the needs of all children. All of our schools have supplemental on-site teachers and resources through partnerships with local public school districts to support students with learning differences. In addition, three elementary and two high schools have full-time special education instructors and programs, supported by House of Charity – Bishop’s annual appeal. Those schools are:

  • Camden Catholic High School, Cherry Hill
  • Holy Spirit High School, Absecon
  • John Paul II Regional School, Stratford
  • Resurrection School, Cherry Hill
  • Our Lady Star of the Sea Regional School, Atlantic City

Our school principals can meet with you to determine how your child’s needs can best be met.

Do students in South Jersey Catholic schools take standardized tests?

Students in our elementary schools take the Iowa Assessments, which are taken by students across the United States. Our students consistently outperform state and national averages on these tests, as do our high school students on the SATs.

What kinds of service projects do students participate in?

From school-wide to grade or classroom-specific initiatives, serving others is a way of life in South Jersey Catholic schools. For example, students in our schools:

— collect and distribute personal care, food and household items;

— create care packages for individuals experiencing homelessness;

— visit nursing homes and veterans’ facilities;

— take part in environmental cleanup and planting projects;

— create handmade gifts and cards for babies, soldiers and hospital patients; and

— support local and national fundraising efforts for organizations such as Saint Vincent de Paul Society, American Cancer Society, Ronald McDonald House and Alex’s Lemonade Stand.

Projects and programs vary by school, but there is always an opportunity to serve others. Suggestions from families and students are welcome.

Do the schools offer clubs and other extra-curricular activities?

Clubs and electives offer unique opportunities for students to learn new skills, develop hobbies and explore new academic paths. Offerings vary by school and are supported largely by teachers and community volunteers who share interests and talents with students in such areas as theater, music, art, robotics, architecture, leadership development, creative writing, dance and movement, engineering and business.

Do Catholic schools offer Pre-K programs?

All of our elementary schools offer Pre-K programs, typically for children aged 3-5. The structure varies by school, in response to the needs of the local community.

Are South Jersey Catholic schools accredited?

All our schools are fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools. The process requires that schools meet rigorous standards in areas such as mission and beliefs, governance, leadership and planning, business and finance, staffing, academics and student life, and health and safety.

What is the tuition for Catholic school?

Tuition and fees vary by school and are posted on each school’s website. For registered parishioners, tuition and fees for elementary schools range from $4,500 to $5,275 per year for one child. All schools offer lower tuition for additional children from the same family. The annual cost for high schools is in the $9,000 to $10,000 range per student.

Many of our school families qualify for tuition assistance. In addition to reduced tuition rates if more than one child in a family is enrolled, need-based tuition assistance, scholarships, payment plans financing options may also help ease the cost impact.

How would we know if we qualify for tuition assistance?

Many of our school families receive some form of tuition assistance. The FACTS online tuition management system is a starting point for determining eligibility for tuition assistance. You will be able to apply for tuition assistance when you apply for admission to one of our schools. Our school principals work with families to the extent possible to help make our schools affordable and accessible.

What additional fees apply besides tuition?

Some schools do not charge additional fees. Others separate tuition from fees for expenses related to registration, technology, graduation or certain extra-curricular activities. When you visit a school or a school website, you will be able to get up-to-date information about tuition and fees.

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