We are a community of schools bound by a commitment to faith-based education and a common curriculum. At the same time, we celebrate the distinct culture and areas of focus that make every South Jersey Catholic school unique. We encourage you to explore our schools and find the right fit.

When you choose a South Jersey Catholic School, we hope you will find:

An environment in which we consistently model Gospel values and Church teachings and traditions in the image of Jesus Christ; an environment where words and actions are aligned

An academically challenging curriculum that prepares learners to succeed at every level – from elementary grades, to high school, college and beyond

A holistic academic experience that supports independent, critical thinking and problem solving capabilities needed for 21st century discipleship, challenges and careers

Opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities inside and outside the classroom, including music, theater, art, dance, sports, service and leadership-building programs

Interactive instruction that leverages dynamic technology capabilities

An emphasis on service that cultivates in students a desire to serve others while in school and throughout life

An atmosphere of mutual respect among administration, faculty, staff, students, and families

A place where students feel safe physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually

A culture in which every individual success is seen as a reflection on, and contribution to, the wider community of Catholic schools

A welcoming, inclusive community represented by cultural and religious diversity

A community where families are connected, supportive of one another, and engaged in the life of their school

Loyal alumni who promote Catholic schools and generously give time, treasure and talent to support sustainability

Graduates whose personal and professional lives reflect the knowledge and values they acquired in Catholic school


The Benefits of a Catholic School Education

South Jersey Catholic Schools reach beyond our students, benefitting families, parishes and broader communities.

      Our students benefit from:

Spiritual development and faith formation
Inclusion of people with different faith traditions and beliefs who seek a                      Catholic school experience
Development of the whole person
Academic excellence
Extra-curricular activities such as sports, arts and clubs
Personal growth through service to others and focus on the common good
 Community environment and support

     Our school families and parish communities benefit from:

A partnership in faith formation
An environment in which faith is celebrated and deepened
A sense of belonging
A support community that often becomes an extended family

     Our secular communities benefit from:

Students who provide service and fulfill needs that are not otherwise met within the community
Adults who are grounded by and lead with faith-inspired morals and gospel values
Savings of an average $19,000 to taxpayers and public schools for every student enrolled in a Catholic school


Our Curriculum

We believe in educating the whole person. Our schools follow rigorous curriculum guidelines established by the Diocese of Camden Office of Catholic Schools. These guidelines build on the strong academic tradition of Catholic schools, incorporate national and state curriculum standards, and allow us to bring the Gospel message of Jesus into all facets of learning. Within and beyond diocesan guidelines, our schools offer a wide range of courses that allow students to develop a world view, explore potential careers, build on critical thinking skills and have fun along the way.