Our mission is to educate and inspire young minds spiritually, academically and in service to others.

Our vision is for students to become faith-filled adults who, guided by Gospel values, shape our world with knowledge, integrity and compassion.

To achieve our mission and fulfill our vision, South Jersey Catholic Schools:

  •  Nurture in students a life-long desire for a relationship with
    God and the Church
  •  Teach, model and live Gospel values and Christian community in a way that nurtures faith formation and is consistent with the teaching and beliefs of the Roman Catholic Church
  •  Help students discover and develop their God-given gifts and talents
  •  Guide students morally and ethically in their journey to Christian adulthood
  •  Prepare students to be faithful citizens of the world
  •  Prepare students for higher education and careers that require technical acumen, critical thinking capabilities and effective interpersonal skills
  •  Provide an academic education that reflects and exceeds national and state curriculum standards
  •  Nurture in students a life-long desire to serve others
  •  Develop leaders for the Church and the wider community
  •  Create an environment where individuals and families support one another and work together for the common good