South Jersey Catholic Schools Annual Report

The Diocese of Camden proudly sponsors 28 elementary schools and six high schools throughout Southern New Jersey. Three private high schools offer additional options for families seeking a Catholic education.

When you choose a Catholic school, you give your child gifts for life, including:

A strong faith foundation

Academic excellence, demonstrated by test scores, awards, scholarships, graduation rates and pursuit of higher learning

An understanding of what it truly means to serve others

A sense of self respect

Values that build great leaders

Educators who celebrate each and every unique child of God

A supportive, caring community of parents, students, faculty, administrators and staff

Catholic schools have the freedom to celebrate our faith and bring the Gospel message of Jesus into all facets of learning. Our curriculum is infused with Gospel values, moral teaching, critical thinking, exploration and creative electives. In short, we are empowered to educate the whole person.

I invite you to discover the difference a Catholic school can make for your child.

Find a school near you or contact the Office of Catholic Schools at 856-583-6103. We are eager to meet you and share the great news about South Jersey Catholic schools.


Mary P. Boyle
Superintendent of Catholic Schools

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