The word comes from the Greek for giving thanks; we gather regularly to reflect on life and our giftedness as children of a loving God. Eucharist is a sacred action done by a sanctified people gathered as the Body of Christ.

“Through participation in the Liturgy we are given everything we need…

to understand the mystery of our relationship with Christ,

the strength…to witness to the reality of Christ in our lives” SC Vatican II           

Eucharist is the heart of Catholic life for the whole Church and for each individual Catholic Christian. It is a community experience: a sacrament, a remembrance, an act of worship and a communion or fellowship.  All baptized Catholics are invited to join in the feast of the Eucharist.

For information on preparation, for adults or children, to receive the Sacrament of Eucharist for the first time contact your local parish.  Parish contact information can be found HERE

A short, informative video on the Sacrament is available at  BUSTED HALO

If we become what we receive as St. Augustine tells us…what implications does this have for how we live and act?