Established 158 years ago as a pontifical society of “children helping children” In conjunction with the Holy Childhood Association the mission office offers a mission awareness program to all of the Los Angeles Archdiocesan Catholic Elementary Schools and Religious Education Programs.

Founded in 1843, the Holy Childhood Association is an international organization whose membership is made up of students in Catholic elementary schools and religious education programs; it is an organization dedicated to fostering children’s awareness of the missionary nature of the Church.


Serving our Schools and Religious Education Programs


The Holy Childhood Association Program in the Mission Office exists to be of service to schools and religious education programs.

Authorized by the Vatican, and in collaboration with the U.S. Bishops, HCA distributes educational and fund-raising programs to school and religious education programs throughout the United States. It is sometimes known as the Pontifical Association of the Holy Childhood because it is sponsored in a special way by the Pope.

It is the official agency of the Holy Father for the distribution of the fund raising proceeds realized through the efforts of children for their underprivileged brothers and sisters in Third World situations.