The Fall 2018 Mass Counts are to be conducted on the following 3 consecutive weekends: October 13-14, October 20-21, and October 27-28. 

This Mass count season includes Mother’s Day and Memorial Day, and likely includes First Communion at some parishes. You should conduct your Mass counts anyway.

Blank Mass count forms are not being mailed out. You need to download and save the Excel workbook to your own computer to complete your entries. After you have entered all of your counts into the workbook, make sure your parish and church names are recorded on the work sheets, and email the entire workbook to LWATSON@CAMDENDIOCESE.ORG.

FALL 2018 Mass Count Form


All parishes should follow these instructions in conducting the Mass counts:

  • Download and save the Excel workbook to your computer: click the Mass count form button above, and save it to your computer. Select the “save as” option and rename the workbook with your parish name. E.g.- “St. Benedict Mass count” Do not change the file format. Need help with the Excel workbook? Please call Lisa Watson at 856.583.2843
  • This Excel workbook has 5 tabs labeled “Church 1, Church 2”, etc., for up to 5 different worship sites. You must put each of your worship sites on a different tab.
  • Click on the tab labeled “Church 1” and put the name of your parish and church in the appropriate spaces. If you have more than one worship site, click on the next tab and add information as needed.
  • Put only 1 church’s count on each form, even if only one Mass is said there.
  • Fill in the Mass schedule in the “Mass Time” column.
  • Fill in the language used at Mass, if not English. Blank spaces are assumed to be English, but please fill in the “Language” column for non-English Masses.
  • Don’t estimate! Please count every person attending each mass on all 3 weekends.
  • Completed Excel workbooks should be returned to the Pastoral Planning Office by OCTOBER 31, 2018. Email just 1 Excel workbook, with each of your worship sites on a different tab. Send your complete Mass count to: LWATSON@CAMDENDIOCESE.ORG.  Do not change the file format or layout. Please do not email pdf files, scanned forms, or mail or fax paper forms.
  • If you need assistance with any of these steps, please email or call 856.583.2843. Mass counts sent as pdf files, scanned images, or forms sent by fax or regular mail won’t be accepted.

Need help with the Excel workbook?
Please call 856.583.2843 or email