History of Planning in the Diocese of Camden

Gathering God’s Gifts Pastoral Planning Process

January, 2006   
Diocesan Planning Commission formed and begins work.

September, 2006     
Bishop presents a broadly consultative planning process to pastors, Gathering God’s Gifts.  Diocesan Demographic  report is published.

September – Dec., 2006     
Organization of Parish Planning Teams. They study Diocesan and their Parish Data. Bishop gives evening presentations for all planners. Parishes choose planning partner parishes and delegates to the Diocesan Assembly.

January – May, 2007  
Parish planners attend a January In-Service Day to learn about possible models. Parish planning partners formulate together possible reconfigurations to recommend to the Bishop by May 15.

Summer, 2007  
Diocesan Planning Commission studies the May 15 recommendations, deanery by deanery. They develop discernment questions in response to the proposed reconfigurations.

September – Dec., 2007 
Bishop Galante and the Diocesan Planning Commission respond to planners. Bishop asks each group to broaden its scope, use the discernment questions and plan together for the common good of the Church by extending their planning for the entire deanery.

January, 2008
Revised recommendations for the deanery are submitted to Bishop Galante.

February, 2008  
The Diocesan Planning Commission meets for 2 ½ days to review deanery recommendations. They give their careful assessment to Bishop Galante who reflects on them and takes these assessments to prayer.

March – April, 2008       
Bishop presents his reflections to the Presbyteral Council whose consult he must seek. The Presbyteral Council meets for 3 days to give consult to the Bishop.

April 3, 2008
Bishop announces the intended reconfigurations of parishes. Over 100 churches are slated to remain open for worship.

April – May, 2008   
Every merging parish is consulted regarding the qualities needed in the pastoral leader of the reconfiguration.

June – July, 2008     
All diocesan priests are asked to name 3 reconfigurations for which they would like to be the Priest Convener, working with a Core Team of parishioners to develop a newly configured parish.

August, 2008
The Priests Personnel Board spends 3 days of prayerful discernment, considering the priests’ preferences, the parishes input, the positions that will be open, and the particular circumstances of each intended reconfiguration. Decisions regarding Priest Conveners are announced August 28, 2008.

September – Oct., 2008 
Information meetings are held with all priests, pastors and their staff, Priest Conveners and newly named Core Teams. A Merger Manual is provided by Diocesan Offices to help the pastors and Priest Conveners move through the transition process as smoothly as possible.

Beginning October, 2008   
Priest Conveners and Core Teams begin to work through the process of merging parishes.

July 29, 2009    
Effective date for first decree issued to a newly merged parish: The Catholic Community of Christ Our Light in Cherry Hill

Harvesting Gifts for the Church of Camden Pastoral Priorities Initiative Begins

September, 2010  
Harvesting Gifts for the Church of Camden: a new initiative to advance the Pastoral Priorities identified by the people of the Diocese of Camden through a series of Speak Up Sessions in 2005-2006.