Preparing for your wedding day is no small task; it takes much planning, coordination, and effort to make the day a special one.

Even more important is preparing for the days after your wedding:  your marriage!  We invite you to spend a few minutes to view this video from Busted Halo:

The Planner is designed to help your preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage to proceed smoothly, including setting the wedding date, the meetings with the witnessing clergy and the FOCCUS pre-marital inventory.

In order to meet the needs of engaged couples in this hectic world, Marriage Preparation is available in various forms.  These include Engaged Encounter, Hispanic Workshops, Second Marriage Workshops, Parish-based Programs, Preparing to Live in Love mentoring, and others.

The Marriage Planner/Timeline suggests the time frame to complete certain portions of your preparation. The FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are broken down into 4 categories: The Sacrament of Marriage; Wedding Liturgy: Readings, Music, Vows; Wedding Liturgy: Attendants and Presiders; and Wedding Liturgy: Special Features.

If you have questions, please contact Mary Lou Hughes, Co-Director, Office of Faith & Family Life at 856-583-2903 or MarriagePrep@camdendiocese.org

May this be a grace-filled time for you.

To ensure that each couple married in the Catholic Church receives proper preparation for their future life together, all parishes in the State of New Jersey follow the PASTORAL POLICIES AND GUIDELINES FOR MARRIAGE PREPARATION FOR THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN NEW JERSEY.