The Church Ministry Institute of Camden (CMIC) provides lay men and women with a foundation in theological studies, pastoral skills, and spiritual development, integrated with preparation for ministry and service. In the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, this formation program assists adults in living out their baptismal call. CMIC courses strive to be complete in content yet accessible for the average lay person. They are offered for those wishing to serve their parish in a particular ministry or for anyone who just wants to learn more about God, the Church, and the Mystery of Faith. It is possible to earn a Diocesan Certificate in Catechesis or Pastoral Ministry though these courses. No prerequisites, no special knowledge – just a desire to learn!

Each CMIC cohort has a Local Coordinator who is responsible for the logistical needs of the group and for communication with the Diocese.


The program seeks:

  • To form participants in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through ongoing conversation, conversion and holiness of life;
  • To foster a greater knowledge and deeper appreciation of the Catholic Church and her teaching;
  • To prepare lay men and women for ministry and service to their parish or other apostolates;
  • To promote active participation in the saving mission of Christ by building up the Body of Christ in the home, workplace and the world.

Program Components

The Church Ministry Institute of Camden (CMIC) offers a three-year certificate program designed to enrich the faith formation of adults. The three year program offers 5 courses per year. Each course lasts 6 weeks, is accompanied by text/s and related readings and is taught by a qualified Master level instructor.

The curriculum of the Church Ministry Institute of Camden includes the major areas of Catholic teaching and belief. These survey courses are offered in various locations throughout the diocese. To earn a diocesan certificate in church ministry or catechesis, all courses in a particular level must be successfully completed. Any/all courses may be taken for enrichment without following a particular sequence.

The cost per course is $60 or $250 per year if making a full year’s payment before beginning the program. Books are additional.

Overview of CMIC/CMIC4C Courses

Integral to each session are:

  • prayer
  • course content
  • faith sharing, and
  • large / small group discussion which provides participants with an opportunity to make application to their faith life and ministry.

CMIC Level I

  1. Introduction to the Bible and Old Testament
    1. Introduction to the New Testament
      1. Foundations of Faith
        1. Jesus Christ
          1. Catechetical Ministry Skills 1

          ** Completion of all 6 sessions of Introduction to Lay Ministry is required for those who are pursuing a Certificate in Parish ministry. Those who are pursuing a Catechetical Certificate will attend 3 sessions of Introduction to Lay Ministry and then 3 sessions of Catechetical Ministry Skills I.


          CMIC Level II

          1. Church History
          2. Prayer
          3. Catholic Morality
          4. Eucharist
          5. Leadership and Planning for Mission

          CMIC Level III

          1. Sacraments
          2. Christian Spirituality
          3. Catholic Social Teaching
          4. Ecclesiology
          5. Spiritual Gifts Seminar