The primary role of Life & Justice Ministries is to partner with parishes in the diocese to help enliven ministries that serve those in need, protect all human life, and work for a most just world.

Here is a list of potential ways your parish could work with Life & Justice Ministries, with some examples of what has happened already:

St. Clare’s 3-Day “Justice Parish Mission”

  • Sunday: Justice themes integrated into Mass preaching (preaching guide provided by L&J), music, intentions for poor and vulnerable
  • Monday: Evening presentation by L&J director, in two sessions for middle school religious ed students and adults of the parish, introducing Catholic Social Teaching. 150 attended
  • Tuesday: Evening Mass offered for justice in the world. 90 attended

Our Lady of Guadalupe 1-Night Lenten Parish Mission

  • Evening Mass leading into presentation/discussion on how Our Lady of Guadalupe is the perfect teacher of life & justice, and how she can inspire us to act justly. 50 attended

Holy Family Confirmation Parents Meeting:

  • Practical review of web-based Catholic social teaching resources for parents to use with middle school students preparing for Confirmation.

Launch a Life & Justice committee in your parish

  • Presentation, workshop, or roundtable discussion on a particular life & justice issue
  • L & J Speakers Bureau connecting your parish with expert presenters on a wide range of topics

Connect justice committees from different parishes, regionally, to:

  • Share experiences and best practices
  • Co-sponsor events or service immersion opportunities in conjunction with the diocese
  • Provide resources for prayer, discussion, reading, etc. on the L & J blog, The Ampersand
  • Publicize your offerings on the  blog’s calendar of events
  • Connect your parish with JustFaith and other national offerings