Green and Sustainable Development

The DHSC is committed developing to Green and Sustainable communities. The organization is dedicated to integrating building materials, methods and mechanical systems which balance environmgreen20livingentally responsive building practices with the economic feasibility of projects.

The DHSC has always participated in the New Jersey Energy Star Program which incorporates energy efficient appliances and technologies for its properties both as a matter of quality development and compliance. The DHSC continues to ‘push the envelope’ to find building products and techniques to reduce energy cost for residents and the corporation.

DHSC looks to incorporate Green Building technologies for future development as well as Asset Management rehabilitation projects. Our green building strategies will significantly reduce the impact on water quality, air pollution, global warming and the depletion of natural resources – while simultaneously lowering operating costs and maintenance needs.

Finally, DHSC seeks to implement green technologies as a way to participate in the emerging green economy through development, management and maintenance.