The mission of The Diocesan Housing Services Corporation of the Diocese of Camden, Incorporated (DHSC) is to provide quality affordable housing to low- to moderate-income households in New Jersey’s 6 southern counties (Atlantic, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem).

As a nonprofit organization, it performs in conformity with the laws, teachings, social ministry and moral practices of the Roman Catholic Church while providing housing services to persons in need on a non-sectarian and non-discriminatory basis without proselytizing. Underlying this mission are four goals stated below that animate our Catholic mission and direct the work of DHSC board, staff and the many investors and stakeholders of the corporation:

To pursue real estate development and property management based on an ‘Affordable Luxury’ standard which includes:

  • Development and rehabilitation of residences for low- and moderate-income households beyond the required “safe, decent and sanitary” standard; and<
  • Construction of attractive, high quality and cost-effective developments that are completed within budget, and that include the necessary amenities and social services for residents.

To make community investments based on a “Parish-based” strategy that requires a partnership approach to development through which:

  • Parishes bring local connections, financial capital and/or the real estate to facilitate development of sites; and
  • DHSC brings the technical and professional skills necessary to develop and manage the resulting physical asset.

To build and maintain strong working relationships with municipalities that want the products and services DHSC offers by:

  • Seeking out opportunities to work in towns that agree to provide tax abatements and payments in lieu of taxes (PILOT agreements) in advance so they may be included in competitive funding applications; and
  • Working with towns to help each meet its COAH obligation and provide housing opportunities for eligible lower-income households.

To ensure residents’ needs remain the core basis upon which DHSC develops and manages its affordable housing portfolio by:

  • Interacting and consulting with residents on a regular basis to stay in touch with and help respond to their needs as DHSC core constituency; and
  • Designing, developing and operating housing projects and supportive human services that help sustain comfortable, affordable, and stable living environments for each and every resident, each and every day.