The House of Charity – Bishop’s Annual Appeal is about being Catholic and embracing the challenge of the Gospel. The work of the appeal recognizes there are priests and deacons and lay people to be trained and vocations to be shaped. We need to care for the frail and elderly and provide social services for the needy and poor. We are called to sustain and grow Catholic education and to care for our beloved retired priests and sisters and so much more!

The Annual Appeal is about continual and proactive relationship building and allows you to join thousands of Catholics to support more than 60 ministries and services throughout Southern, New Jersey. Your support is essential to our mission – without YOU, there would be no Church. Thanks to your generosity, our church is here in times of need providing comfort and hope.

Click below on the brochure and video links to learn more about this year’s appeal!

2020 House of Charity Brochure 2020 House of Charity Video

Hear Christ invite us to help those who are in need.

Your House of Charity gift helps those in need through these supported ministries.

Click on the links below to learn more about the impact of your gift:

Parishes are direct recipients of the ministries and services supported by the House of Charity. In addition, any money received and exceeding the parish assigned goal is returned through a rebate to your parish to use for a stated project or as needed.

Some of last year’s projects included:

  • Outreach ministry to the poor
  • New youth and family ministries
  • Refurbish stained glass windows
  • Pipe organ installation
  • New church sound system
  • Housing assistance
Please consider donating 1% of your income to support the Church in Southern New Jersey through the House of Charity.

Last year’s average gift to the House of Charity – Bishop’s Annual Appeal was $365. Please know that every gift, no matter the amount, can and will make a difference. The reality is that some of your fellow parishioners will not be able to financially support the appeal this year. If you are not doing so already, would you please consider a gift of $1 a day or $365, or more, to make up for those who cannot give this year?

Annual Household Earnings 1% Pledge 10 Monthly Payments
$10,000 $100 $10
$20,000 $200 $20
$25,000 $250 $25
$30,000 $300 $30
$36,500 $365 $36.50
$40,000 $400 $40
$50,000 $500 $50
$75,000 $750 $75
$80,000 $800 $80
$90,000 $900 $90
$100,000 $1000 $100
To see your House of Charity dollars at work, click on the “Annual Report” link. 100% of your House of Charity dollars went directly to the support of the ministries listed. Your gift did not fund the administration or the fundraising activities of the House of Charity appeal.

The work of the Catholic Church occurs at several levels, including internationally, at the diocesan level and in each of our own particular parishes.  Certainly, for most Catholics the overwhelming work of the church happens at the parish level; after all, that is where we worship together, experience the sacraments, and encounter Jesus.

Sacred scripture certainly teaches us about tithing.  Clearly, our commitment to tithing helps in carrying out the mission and vision of our church.  Unfortunately, we live in very complex times that call the church to carry out its mission at many different levels.  Certainly, we experience overriding needs at the local level, within the parish.  Tithing to the parish supports the necessary expenses and financial obligations to operate the parish and its ministries on a daily basis.

At the national and international levels, there are also needs that our church must address.  Hence we have special “second” collections throughout the year that the U.S. Catholic Conference of Bishops has deemed especially worthy of our support.

Finally, we are called to care for the poor among us here in the diocese where we live.  The House of Charity – Bishop’s Annual Appeal supports diocesan services to the marginalized throughout our Southern, New Jersey community.  These are needs that extend beyond the individual parish level and are best addressed at the diocesan level.  100% of donations to the House of Charity support the specialized services, ministries and programs which are beyond what the parish is able to offer.

All of us are called to tithe.  We are also called to distribute our tithe wisely.  Choosing wisely requires us to look at the needs of all of the poor and marginalized and distribute accordingly to the best of your conscience.