Ecumenical & Inter-Religious Affairs

Since the promulgation of Nostra Aetate in 1965 at the end of the II Vatican Council, Jewish-Catholic relations in the US has been an important part of the work of the Diocese of Camden.

Examples of Ecumenical Relations Inter Religious Relations
  • Orthodox
  • Oriental Orthodox
  • Polish National Catholic
  • Anglican
  • Lutheran
  • Reformed
  • Methodist
  • Southern Baptist
  • Evangelical
  • Faith and Order
  • Christian Churches Together
  • The African American Churches
  • The Pentecostal, Holiness and Evangelical churches
  • The Mennonite, Brethren Churches, the Society of Friends, and the Bruderhof Community
  • The Christian Church/Disciples of Christ
  • The National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA
  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Sikhism
  • Vaishnava – Christian Dialogue
  • Faiths in the World
  • Monastic Interreligious Dialogue (MID)
  • National Council of Churches – Interfaith Relations Commission
  • Religions for Peace, USA

Mandate of the Bishop’s Committee For Ecumenical And Interreligious Affairs Approved by the Bishops November 1968.

The Bishops’ Committee for Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs is a commission of bishops assisted by experts for ecumenical affairs established by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops.

This committee is the territorial commission for ecumenical matters in the United States in accord with the directives set forth in the Directory for the Application of the Decisions of the Second Ecumenical Council for the Vatican Concerning Ecumenical Matters (Nn. 7, 8 & 6) promulgated by His Holiness, Pope Paul VI on May 14, 1967, Pentecost Sunday.