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Catholic Schools are unique and excellent communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service that need and deserve the support of Catholics everywhere. Our commitment to these three goals is formulated in “Forming Minds And Hearts In Grace: A Plan For Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Camden” a document that outlines the importance of Catholic schooling in South Jersey and our plan to preserve and grow it.

Your contribution will supports schools and make scholarships available. You can also help by directing families to consider a Catholic School for their child.

Bishop at Saint Peters School 2Our schools help lead students to encounter Jesus Christ. This happens through direct and indirect exposure to Catholic culture that is either physically or spiritually present in each school. It is a crucifix in each room; religious statuary; images of Saints and the Blessed Virgin Mary and art that reflects the Christian tradition. Exposure to these elements influences each student’s understanding of himself/herself as a child of God and even influences the choices and decisions they make in life.

In many of the schools there is a service requirement which teaches the need to be aware of our responsibility for our neighbors. A Catholic School makes students socially minded and aware of the community beyond the school building.

Catholic culture co-exists within the curriculum, for example, a lesson in history, science, art, or music may draw a correlation to God or to church.  The philosophy of a Catholic education is for the student to form conscience; to acquire virtues and values. All of which makes the School uniquely focused on the person of each student; on the God given dignity of each person.

Finally, the school is a place of prayer. The school community gathered around the Table of the Lord to offer the holy sacrifice of the Mass and the other treasury of traditional prayers and devotions that are offered to God and learned for life.

Today our schools are needed more than ever because of the formation in Christ that they provide. A formation that makes a difference not only to a student’s life but also to society, as we provide it with outstanding citizens and leaders.

Christ is the Teacher in a Catholic School and His Church is the base community for the school. Our Church has been in the business of education for centuries. In South Jersey, the first Catholic schools opened in 1859 at parishes in Camden and Gloucester. With your support, encouragement and prayers we can dare to continue offering this educational alternative that is a catholic school.


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