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Parish Pastoral Councils

Over the past year, the Provisional Pastoral Council Guidelines that have been in use since March, 2001 have been updated by the Pastoral Planning Office and evaluated by pastors. In November, 2010, Bishop Galante approved a final draft of the new Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines. The Pastoral Planning Office has provided several copies of these Guidelines to each pastor, and is also providing information nights and workshops to pastoral councils and potential pastoral council members. 

Bishop Galante's letter to Pastors and Parish Pastoral Councils:

November, 2010

Dear Pastors and Pastoral Council members:

During the past year and a half, we have seen the diocesan merger process, Gathering God’s Gifts, bring forth many new parishes in the diocese.  We realized that the establishment of new parishes would necessitate new pastors and new parish pastoral and new finance councils.  The Pastoral Planning Office identified the need to update the March, 2001 provisional Pastoral Council Guidelines.  A working draft was prepared for new parishes as they approached the date of establishment.  New pastors were invited to give input into this working draft, and in May, 2010, a draft of these Guidelines was sent to all parishes.

In conjunction with this invitation, an information night workshop was made available to pastors and their new councils.  This workshop considered the role, the history in the Church as well as in the Diocese of Camden, and the contemporary focus of pastoral planning as a key component of Council tasks.  After using the working draft of Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines for the past year, I now approve them as our Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines. 

Input from a variety of sources has been incorporated and the Information Night workshops continue to provide ongoing formation for pastoral council members around the diocese.  It is our hope that parishes will use the new Guidelines, as well as the Information Night, as they take up the serious pastoral planning needed to build vibrant parishes.

I offer you my support, my prayers and my love as you go forward.

May God continue to bless and guide you .


Most Reverend Joseph A. Galante, D.D.,J.C.D.

Bishop of Camden

Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines             Directrices- Consejos Pastorales Parroquiales