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     Pastoral Planning is a process that engages members of the faith community, invites them to take and express their baptismal responsibility to build up the Church through prayer, discernment, and actions that address the needs of the faith community and those served by it.

     So what does the Pastoral Planning Office do? Well, the Pastoral Planning Office currently has three main focuses. They are: 1) the completion of the parish mergers begun as a result of the Gathering God’s Gifts planning process; 2) assisting all of our parishes in forming competent Parish Pastoral Councils according to guidelines approved by Bishop Galante, and: 3) the implementation of Pastoral Priorities that were identified as a result of Bishop Galante’s Speak Up sessions in 2005-2006.

FALL 2014 Mass Counts  The fall 2014 Mass counts are to be conducted on the following 3 consecutive weekends: October 11-12, October 18-19 and October 25-26. A letter was sent to all pastors providing instructions and forms to conduct the counting. Please be sure to use the forms provided to you (rather than your own format) so that we can accurately tabulate results.

Letter/Instructions to conduct Mass Count            Mass Count Forms

We ask that all parishes follow the same set of instructions in conducting the Mass counts:


  • Put only 1 church’s count on each form, even if only one Mass is said there. If you need more forms, please make copies, or print them from this page.
  • If you intend to email your results, please download the Mass count form from this page.
  • Fill in the Mass schedule in the “Mass Time” column, and indicate non-English Masses in the “Language” column.
  • Count everyone attending each mass on all 3 weekends: October 11-12, October 18-19 and October 25-26.
  • After double checking that all requested information has been included, the person completing the form or the pastor should sign the form, indicating the accuracy of the information has been verified. Send the completed form(s) to the Pastoral Planning Office by October 31 (instructions are on the forms). (If emailing a completed Mass count form, just type in the information. No additional signature page is requested.)


Pastoral_Council_GuidelinesParish Pastoral Councils
Over the past year, the Provisional Pastoral Council Guidelines that have been in use since March, 2001 have been updated by the Pastoral Planning Office and evaluated by pastors. In November, 2010, Bishop Galante approved a final draft of the new Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines. The Pastoral Planning Office has provided several copies of these Guidelines to each pastor, and is also providing information nights and workshops to pastoral councils and potential pastoral council members. Click HERE to read Bishop Galante’s letter to pastors and council members, and to view the new Parish Pastoral Council Guidelines.



Vision-with-Pastoral-PrioriPastoral Priorities Implementation
As a result of the Speak Up sessions, 6 Pastoral Priorities were identified. Through an additional second consultation with parishes and the Diocesan Assembly in December, 2006, numerous goals and strategies were identified to assist in furthering the Pastoral Priorities. Through Harvesting Gifts for the Church of Camden, the Pastoral Planning Office, along with many other diocesan offices and departments, is working with pastors and parish leadership to further implement the Pastoral Priorities. To learn more about the Pastoral Priorities, click HERE.



Facets of A Vibrant Parish How does a parish know how life giving it has become?  How can it see where and how the community can continue to grow into a more holy and dynamic People of God?  These facets of a vibrant parish provide some guidance both for assessment and planning for further growth. Click HERE and see the full meaning of the term "vibrant parish".

Deaneries of the Diocese of Camden In light of the parish reconfigurations, and in order to provide better opportunities for collaboration between parishes, the deanery structure of the Diocese of Camden has been reconfigured as well. Click HERE to see a map of the deaneries and a list of parishes.