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  • Schools Summer enrichment2 2016

    Teaching: A Call and a Thank You

    Dear Teachers, As you prepare to re-enter the classrooms of the 2016-2017 school year, on behalf of the children, teachers or adult learners you will encounter, I say thank you. I hope you have found time this summer to recreate and refresh your inner selves for the important work you...

  • Deacon candidates and their wives prayingweb

    Diaconate community comes together for Holy Door Pilgrimage

    Written by Peter G. Sánchez On Aug. 10, the Catholic Church remembered Saint Lawrence, a deacon in the early church who was martyred. It was more than fitting, then, for the diaconate community of the Diocese of Camden to come together that same day for a Holy Door Pilgrimage to the...

  • Bishop Dennis J.  Sullivan web portrait1

    “Reflections on World Youth Day,” a message from Bishop Sullivan

    After the eight-hour flight from New York to Warsaw our first stop was in the town of Mlodzieszm at the parish of my friend Father Darius Kuzminski. As we departed our bus the parish youth choir greeted us singing in English! Parishioners were lined up with their cars to take...

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